Experience Of Work And Intern
Runmi Technology Co.Ltd - Senior Design Engineer              (Jul.2017 - present)

UAIC Pou Chen Group - Senior Design Engineer                     (Feb.2016 - Jul.2017)

APUJAN London based fashion design - Industrial Designer(Jul.2014 - present)

Loop.PH Design Studio - Internship                                          (Jul.2014 - Sep 2014)

VERTHANDI - Branding Manager                                              (Oct.2011 - Jun.2013)
L.I.T.O Department of Design - Designer                                 (May.2010 -Oct.2011)
LIA Design Studio - Internship                                                  (Jan.2010 - Apr.2010)

A design engineer with the name of Ammo Liao works in the sportswear material area. I develop futuristic materials and innovation processes with the goal of helping sports players advance their performance and set new records. My work requires a high amount of creativity, as well as the ability to execute my vision. 

AMMO(Ssu-Kai) Liao  廖思凱


NIKE Shanghai On Air Competition - Top 9

World Sneaker Championship 2018 - Top 64

World Sneaker Championship 2017 - Top 16

YouFab Award 2016 - 23 Finalists

CHENFENG Golden Shoes Awards 2016 - Silver 
James Dyson Bursary 2015

CORE77 Design Award 2012
D&AD Student Award 2011 - IN BOOK AWARD
AIC DESIGN Award 2011 -  Preference

Badminton Open 2007 of Taiwanese University Physics - Champion

Badminton Open 2006 of Taiwanese University Physics - The first runner-up 

Royal College of Art - Innovation Design Engineering  (Aug.2013 - Jul.2015 )

Imperial College - Innovation Design Engineering        (Aug.2013 - Jul.2015 )
AISA International Education Center                               (Aug.2009 - Jan.2010)
Compulsory Military                                                          (Aug.2008 - Jul.2009)
Physics BA IN Chung Yuan Christian University            (Aug.2004 - Jul.2008)