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Nowadays, it is commonly believed that the global village is coming. Most people can understand and respect different cultures and tradition. Furthermore, in the earth there are many breaking news to affect rural area. Some people may think the authorities should take the responsibilities to reduce those situation in the society. Comparing to their perspectives, I still believe that we can be a role-model to bring the positive impact for others, such as family, friends and youngsters. Therefore, I want to use my design plan to change something in our live.


When it comes to this design plan, I would like to introduce my roommate, Tyrone Huang, because he is a significant role in my life. He is a Taiwanese. In his childhood, he moved to Malawi in Africa with his family. He lived here over 10 years, and then he made a decision to apply the college in Taiwan. Fortunately, I have an opportunity to become a roommate with him. 

During a period of 4 years, he brought plenty of information of Africa for me. First of all, in Africa there are a great number of unique elements of lives, such as history, culture, and art. Those facts are wonderful. For example, people in Africa usually choose the natural material to make their house and build up the balanced way with animal. Therefore, those people have a strong connection with the earth. In my opinion, they can serve as not only appropriate educational platform but also valuable culture. Consequently, I deeply believe that we can learn massive knowledge with African. 

In terns of  culture, it records various living experience via different methods, such a music, pattern and tools. These stuffs are significant path of human history. In addition, those art can motivate people's creativity because they are mellow and beautiful. As a result, We have a duty to keep them for the next generation. we can spend certain foundation protecting the African projects. 


However, the economic problem, politics and wars punch their daily lives in African countries. According to Tyrone's sharing, the real situation in Africa is so tough comparing to the news website. The poverty and healthcare are lead to a serious social problems to affect people's day-to-day lives. Thus, the authorities should take a responsibility to face those challenges. Otherwise, they will be a vicious cycle to erode people's living standard.


Overall, from those reasons Tyrone mentioned previously. I obtain many positive and negative news from Tyrone's introduce of Africa. It is clear that I can do something for them by design skills. I provide few decisions to design this plan. 

IMAGES FROM Tyrone Huang



First of all, I contact with a charity of Taiwan World Vision in Taiwan. This charity offers a chance for people to share their resources through the donation. I donate a part of the salary and have a connection with a little boy in Swaziland. Those foundation will improve not only comfortable environment but also appropriate education. On the other hand. I can write some my life stories in Taiwan by letters. Moreover, I send some staffs, like marks and pens, to him since those useful tools can help the boy to record his life and share with me. This cute boy also provides his living experience for me via his drawings. . I hope that I can support him when he grow up. As for this experience, I obtain a great number of experiences of Africa. Alternatively, I feel great when I have a chance to help others by myself. 



When I discuss this plan, project of charity - one,  with my friends and family. Those mates strongly agree this idea and hope help others. Hence, we deice several steps to achieve those target. Firstly, we can donate a part of salary to the charity, like Taiwan World Vision or other charities. Secondly, some people can be the volunteers to do certain community service to improve living environment or help elderly people. Finally, collecting the recycled product for poverty is a useful way, because we can reduce rate of garbage and reuse those staffs, such as electric products, used clothes and books. As those reasons provided, my friends and me tend to create a charitable group, One. 



Alternatively, we have the similar perspective. I design this logo " One ", and make those T-shirt with my friends and family. Those t-shirt - One display a idealist that the global village is coming. Thus, majority people can realize and respect different races and cultures by the international language and education. In addition, technology serves as an effective method to sprawl this opinion. We believe that this idea will become a hopeful seed to develop a wonderful environment in the near future. Consequently, we can be a catalyst to influent more friends in our society. This t-shirt is equal  global village. On the other hand,  the earth is unique. we have a duty to protect this beautiful planet for the next generation.


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